How to re-energize after the holidays

When the rush of the holidays comes to an end, fatigue can settle in as you try to adjust to your normal routine again. Here are a few small steps you can take to regain your energy and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Organize your desk.

It may seem like a small, menial task, but starting your week with a clean desk can do wonders for your productivity. Instead of feeling underwater in a sea of paperwork, having a clear workspace can reduce stress and encourage creativity.

Plan something.

Schedule a vacation, plan a party, or start a new project at work or at home. Having an event or a new challenge to look forward to helps you stay motivated and avoid the post-holiday slump.

Take care of yourself.

The holidays can take their toll on your mind and body, and the added stress often goes unaddressed. Take some time to exercise or do yoga, meditate, take a bath, or go to bed earlier than usual to help yourself reset.