5G Technology: Coming to a home near you

Within the next few years, 5G cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, will benefit both real estate agents and their clients’ buying and selling experiences, according to RISMedia.com. While 4G has enabled American consumers to enjoy a wide range of streaming services including Netflix and Hulu, 5G will offer nearly instantaneous data downloads to mobile devices. Think of downloading a full-length movie in a matter of seconds!

As technology for self-driving cars advances, 5G could provide the faster data needed for cars to communicate in order to prevent accidents and avoid traffic congestion. Imagine home buyers and their agents being able to relax and let an autonomous automobile drive them safely to home showings without either party being distracted by driving themselves around to find the properties.

Additionally, consumers will benefit even more when an abundance of virtual home tours and augmented reality centers provide buyers the ability to see multiple homes without having to physically step out of the real estate office.

The boon to homeowners will be deeper integration across smart home devices with 5G connectivity. Other consumer benefits will include better tracking of home energy consumption and improved home security. Integrating state-of-the-art surveillance with medical contacts will also be available to elderly or disabled residents or in case of an injury at home.

Joe Whitaker of The Thoughtful Home calls 5G “the most impactful trend we have seen in probably 20 years.”

Whitaker says that 5G will not only enhance connectivity with the digital world for your smartphone, but also for your watch, your shoes and “your everything else.”