The rising popularity of wellness

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More upscale communities and luxury condo complexes are attracting buyers with amenities focused on finding inner peace and lowering stress. The properties are offering everything from meditation courtyards to open-air yoga studios and herbal gardens filled with calming plants, reports The Wall Street Journal. Other developers are creating communities with medicinal gardens and edible native plants.

“It’s not just about physical health; people are also thinking of how our space affects us emotionally,” according to the Global Wellness Institute, which has been studying the expansion of the wellness industry into the real estate market.

Some of these newly developed neighborhoods with high-end homes are touting such features as heated reflexology floors, circadian lighting systems and vitamin C-infused showers. Other communities offer services like matching homeowners with a personal wellness consultant to advise them on mindfulness, sleep, fitness, and nutrition, says the Creative Choice Group.

Some new properties are being carefully constructed with building materials that reduce contaminants and toxins in the home. Soothing paint colors and other interior features are being used to create a sense of peaceful continuity and openness throughout the home.

Tiffany Williams