Why good deals are so hard to pass up?

You weren’t looking for a sweater, but it’s such a good deal. Sound familiar? Good deals are hard to pass up because they play on our emotions, psychologists say, and those emotions lead us to make decisions that aren’t always logical.

“When we hear about a ‘great deal’ – even if it’s a few towns over – we get emotionally activated and focused on the possibility of missing out, as well as the joy we will get for ‘getting the prize,’” says [Grow.Acorns.com](http://grow.acorns.com/) .

Before you go out of your way for a good deal, think about how much your time is worth. For example, compare your hourly wage to how long it will take to drive out of your way just to use a coupon.

Or, consider the value of other things you could be doing, such as working a side job or spending time with friends. There’s nothing wrong with saving money, but be careful not to let emotions trick you into wasting valuable time or buying things you really don’t need.