4 Items to buy in bulk

When it comes to buying in bulk, everyday products such as paper towels and toilet paper are good investments. Here are other cost-effective items to add to your list.

Gift cards: Bulk packages of gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters typically cost around

20 percent less than buying them individually, says [Grow.Acorns.com](http://grow.acorns.com/) .

Vitamins: If stored away from heat, light and humidity, vitamins typically last two years, according to NYTimes.com.

Toothbrushes: Having extra toothbrushes around is helpful when you have guests, plus it may remind you to change yours more often. (Dentists recommend once every three months.)

Meat: Many wholesale clubs will package meat into smaller portions for you for free, making it easy to freeze and use as needed.

In general, try to avoid buying perishable foods unless you have a plan to use them before they go bad. It’s also helpful to think about where you will store each item before buying in bulk.