Get Your Money! Get Your Life! Managing Personal Finances Masterclass

Get Your Money! Get Your Life! Managing Personal Finances Masterclass

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Kanye was right to be honest, because “Having Money Isn't Everything, Not Having It is” and we need to be all the way real with ourselves we can all tighten up financially. When your money isn’t right life seems out of order. You can be financially disorganized or even worse financially illiterate. What if you are faced with a devastating financial loss and you need to get back on track?

Or you are a financial guru, and you are looking for the tech edge to stay on top of your finances. Do you truly know how much money you really need to live comfortably? Trust me it's not a Trillion dollars. Stop living in financial distress and take control of your emotions and your wallet as the same damn time. Let me show you how.

The goal of this masterclass is to show students how to effectively and efficiently design a financial goal plan. I will show you the benefits of how a carefully curated personal financial wellness tool stack can work to enhance managing their personal finances. Students will evaluate their financial goals, generate a personalized wealth plan, and discover ways to supercharge their income.

The Benefits of this Masterclass is:

Upon completion of this course, by using our threefold training format {Self Study Materials + Interactive Masterclasses + Live Q&A Sessions} the attendee will be able to:

  1. List the top 5 ways to analyze your personal finances

  2. Develop a personalized financial management system

  3. Define the general types of income and expenses

  4. Identify the key 3 to 5 financial goals for the next three years.

  5. Create your financial tool stack

  6. Outline your financial task plan + assess your current financial state

  7. Reorganize your finances to achieve your goals

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This Masterclass will cover:

  1. Mindset + Analyzing Your Personal Finances

  2. The Benefits of Budgeting

  3. What to Consider Before Creating a Budget

  4. Types of Fixed Personal Expenses

  5. Types of Fluctuating Personal Expenses

  6. Establishing Your Personal Finance Goals

  7. Determine Where Cuts Can Be Made

  8. Personal Finance Tools + Technology

  9. Stick With Your Budget

  10. Additional Ways to Make Money

  11. Paying Off Debt

  12. Get Your Money! Get Your Life!

Masterclass Course Materials Included:

Ebook Download “How to Close 10 More Real Estate Deals By the End of the Year” by @IamTiffanyWilliams

Masterclass Student Slide Deck and/or Handout (if applicable)

Online Course Replays will be provided within 7 to 10 business days after the live masterclass.

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